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Origins Plantscription

January 5, 2018

As I  am almost finished with the Origins Plantscription anti-aging power serum and cleanser samples I  was gifted a while back- I  thought why not share with you my review. I randomly incorporated the products  into my morning routine  since I got these samples, and my skin felt so smoothe whenever I did. What I loved most abut the serum was how soft it made my skin feel.  I  literally couldn’t stop touching my skin and even forced my husband to give it a try. The cleanser makes my skin feel clean and firm and the serum then softens my skin making it a good match.

These products are anti-aging products and because I  don’t have noticeable lines or wrinkles- I can’t say  I  noticed those results. However, I  did notice my skin feeling good and radiant from the serum.

In general the only reason I would buy a product again is if I am obsessed with it and need it in my daily routine. The reason for this is because I  always love to try new products and believe your skin gets used to products so it’s always good to change it up. That is  a reason why I  wouldn’t buy this specific product but have my eye on a few other Origin products I would like to try!

My rating:  7/10

Origins has always been one of my favorite products because not only is it affordable you really see a difference in your skin. Although I won’t be purchasing this specific product, I have my eye on some other products that I have included into my wishlist below! Hope this guide helps and if you have any other questions or simply want to say hi, please feel free to comment below!


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