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February 13, 2017

Valentines Day to me, is a day to celebrate LOVE, its a day to show appreciation for all the people in your life. Here are some tips on small things you can do through out the day to make these people in your life feel extra special.

  1. Surprise- A surprise is always the perfect way to make someone feel special. A beautiful flower arrangement can always do the trick for me but it can even be something simple like surprising your other half with some lunch at work.
  2. Cards- When I pick a card for Roy I take the time to choose a card that I know will make him laugh or smile. I then go old school and take the time to fill up the whole card with a love letter.
  3. Fun Day: Try and do something you know they will love and appreciate. If its your children a park date or ice-cream after school can be that special treat. Roy is working all day today but we will make it up with a special date night tonight!
  4. Baking: Taking the time out of your busy schedule to bake something yummy is a great way to show you care.  This year I want try and make some valentine themed donuts with Linor for Roy.
  5. Gift: A gift can always make you feel special especially when there is thought into it. It doesn’t even have to be an expensive gift. Roy LOVES making his own tea, so this Valentines I got Roy a  Infuser Tea mug he can take to work to infuse his own tea. A framed family photo or scrapbook is also a thoughtful gift that can show Love and appreciation.

Wishing you all a Happy Valentines with your loved ones

xxx, Zehava Harel

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