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Mother’s Day: Gift Guide

May 9, 2017

Becoming a mother is the biggest gift I have ever received. Since I have become a mom my days have been surrounded by Linor. Yesterday was the first day I put Linor in day care, and I must say it has been unpleasantly quiet. It’s only during morning hours so I am excited to get a little time to myself, but after a year and half of being together full time, I do miss her.

As Mother’s Day approaches what better way to spend it then with your little one, after all she did make you a mom. However, don’t forget to take some time to yourself because your allowed to get that ‘me-time’- guilt free! So wether it’s splurging on those shades you’ve had your eyes on, or getting a relaxing massage at the spa, don’t forget to treat yourself to something special this Mother’s Day because you deserve it!

My mom is the most selfless and giving person and I only hope I am as good of a mother as she is. Shopping for my mom has always been the most difficult. I want to get her something special this Mother’s day to show her how much she means to me. I’m not sure what that is yet, but I’ve created an inspiration guide below! As of now I am thinking to possibly go for a cute beach tote and to fill it up with the Fresh Rose face mask, candle and robe. Hope this guide helps!

Mother’s Day Guide


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