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October 23, 2017

What you wear is always the first impression you give so it is important that when you dress for any interview you are able to express yourself but stay sophisticated and professional! In the Fashion Industry it is particularly tricky because you want to stay trendy but still keep that professional facade. When I was interviewing for jobs straight out of FIDM, one thing that people always commented on was my style. I actually even got “spotted”  for two jobs  in an event because what I wore stood out to them. So to cut it short style does matter- but there is a way to keep it professional for an interview!  Here are my 5 tips to dressing appropriately for a fashion interview this fall!

  1. Plaid print: This Fall, we are seeing Plaid everywhere and there is something about the print that can make any look office appropriate. Wear it together like I am in this look or simply match it with another color- either way the print has the power to automatically turn any look more professional.
  2. Tailored clothes: A tailored jacket or dress can also make any outfit more business like but there is something about the masculinity of a suit that shows confidence and screams ‘girl boss!’
  3. Monochromatic looks: There is something very chic about wearing the same color all in one look or even different shades of the same color. If done right this can show an strong eye for style and is still business appropriate!
  4. Natural makeup: Heavy and dramatic makeup is often too distracting so I would go with more a natural makeup look because it is always more presentable and appropriate for a first impression!
  5. Point-toe shoes: Pointed shoes are my go to shoe this fall and in my eyes also very work appropriate. Again, this screams GIRL BOSS because they show confidence which is very important when coming into an interview


These tips can really be used for any interview not only in the fashion industry, but it is important to know where you are interviewing for and how to dress the part!

Hope this guide was helpful! Please feel free to add any additional tips in the comments below!!

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