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Park City Weekend

December 13, 2016

When my husband told me he had to fly out to Utah for a business meeting I insisted on making a weekend out of it! I knew I wouldn’t have time to snowboard this trip but I was excited to be in the snow because it has been two years and I have never been to Park City.  When I Packed for this trip my husband warned me to pack light since we were only taking two carry ons between the three of us. It was a challenge because snow attire is difficult to fit in a carry on and I normally tend to overpack.

Owning a good carry on is key to making everything fit but here are some tricks I did to save some space. For jackets I did end up wearing my leather jacket and and holding my snow jacket to the airport. For Linor’s jacket, snowsuit, and my booties, I cheated and put in the carseat bag with the car seat. (found the bag on amazon)  Below I included both mine and Linor’s packing list so you can see exactly what I brought.

Linors Packing List

  1. Three fleece Pjs which she ended up also wearing during the day because it was so cold. (target)
  2. Three long sleeved undershirts. (gap, target)
  3. One fleece pants (gap)
  4. Socks, hat, 15 diapers, 1 package of wipes.
  5. Snow suit from Gap to play in the snow
  6. Metallic rose-gold jacket  for a lighter jacket.

My Packing List

  1. A pair of jeans- mine where ripped on knees but preferably not if the weather is aimed to be very cold.
  2. Tights to wear under jeans if it gets really cold. (uniqlo has really good thermal tights for when its really cold)
  3. Two thermal undershirts. Uniqlo sells the best thin thermal undershirts.
  4. Two chic sweater tops
  5. Pjs- sweats and a T-shirt + undergarments 2 panties and 2 socks.
  6. Heal booties- Wasn’t a must but they were cute when we went out at night. My Leather Ash boots are just so comfortable and perfect for the snow because it has a thick platform heal that grips well in snow.
  7. Since you will be layering some cute accessories are a must when packing for the snow. For me I packed my fur scarf, 2 beanies, and leather gloves
  8. Instead of a sweater I packed my warmest leather jacket from Zara.
  9. My favorite snow jacket I stole from my husband from DSquared.
  10. Makeup, toothbrush ect…

As You can see through my photos I was able to wear some of my looks from day to night by mix and matching or adding some accessories like scarves and hats to change it up.

Park City was really the perfect weekend getaway but you really need a few more days especially if your also planning to Ski and Snowboard. I didn’t snowboard this trip because I was busy taking care of Linor while Roy went to his meetings. During the day I took Linor on the Gondola and she loved the view. We literally where riding up and down and I was even able to nurse her there since it was warm inside. We also put her in the snow to play but she was so bundled in her snowsuit it was difficult for her to move. She was unsure of whether to cry or smile at first, but she ended up laughing in the end. By night time we started off relaxing by the fireplace with hot chocalate and smores. We then Continued and drove into town which was beautifully lit with all the holiday decor. Overall it was such a nice and well needed weekend spent with the family.






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