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October 25, 2017

One thing I always take for granted when visiting Israel is the beautiful beaches!  Although we stay literally steps away from the beach we  rarely make it to the actual water which is very surprising because the beaches are so beautiful. The main reason for this is because we usually get carried away between holiday season and visiting our family members. This year I made sure to make time to go to the beach and I have to say next time I hope to spend even more time because it made our ‘visit’ feel like more of a vacation!

Most of the beaches have day bed rentals, delicious seaside restaurants  and beautiful clear waters! The only negative thing I would say is the jelly fish season during summer time! Below I included my top 3  favorite beaches in Israel!


Hertzeliya Pituach Marina This beach is actually steps away from my in laws and I have to say it is probably one of my favorite beaches. The sand is clean, waters clear and there are a few beach side restaurants you can spot along the shore.  I would also recommend staying for the most beautiful pink sunsets!

Tel Aviv Beaches The beaches along Tel Aviv is typically more crowded and loud then the other two but are perfect for day parties, beach bars and delicious restaurants. Water is beautiful but expect it to be busy especially during weekends!

Caesarea I haven’t visited the beach here in many years but we used to visit a lot when I was younger.  I highly recommend visiting Aqueduct Beach along the ancient side of Caesarea. Its antique aqueduct framing makes it unique and historical while the beach is quiet and calm. Caesarea also has some beautiful wedding halls overlooking the sea so if your planning a wedding in Israel this place is a great place to research.

Photos are taken by Hertzeliya beach, Southside.

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