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3 Secrets to Brighter and Luminous Skin

May 24, 2017

Two months ago, I stepped into Sephora in search of the perfect skincare products to brighten and even out my skin tone. The sales associate highly recommended the Mega-Bright Skin Illuminating Cleanser, by Weil for Origins,  to remove dark spots and discoloration. I  have been applying this foam cleanser daily both morning and night. It foams up with water and I then massage it in circle rotations on to my face. After rinsing my face not only do I feel fresh and clean but you can physically notice improvement for both cleaner and brighter skin. 

The Mega Bright Spf 30 moisturizer is an oil-free moisturizer with Rosa Roxburghii and White Peony. I have also been using this product once a day, typically in the morning after I use the cleanser and together these products have really helped me clear dark spots and brighten up my skin.  The SPF 30 is also a plus because it helps protect my skin from the sun and prevents future spots from forming!

I have always had horrible dark circles even if I am well rested and I am always on the look out for the perfect creme to reduce or cover the darkness. In Sephora the sales associate also highly recommended Origins  Ginzing refreshing eye creme and boy was she right! I have been applying it twice a day both morning and night and after a weeks time I started noticing a difference. Not to say its completely gone, after all it is hereditary, but it did reduce my dark circles for a brighter more restful look.

After a week of using these three products not only have I have noticed the biggest difference but also the people around me. Believe it or not- even my husband noticed the difference and started using it with happy results! These products don’t only show results but are also very affordable. Check them out and shop them directly  below!

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