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My Only Regret In Crete

January 20, 2016
Side Note: When I read my husband this caption he finished my sentence and said ‘was leaving.’ All jokes aside this would’ve been true if our next destination wasn’t Santorini…


When coming to Crete the first thing I asked the concierge is how to get to the Elafonisi Beach, one of the worlds most breathtakingly beautiful beaches known for its pink sand. Disappointed, he told me its in the other end of Crete and about a five hour drive. Thinking it wasn’t a good idea because we were with Linor and she’s not so happy in the car seat for too long we didn’t go.  On our last day I asked the concierge where he would recommend we explore before we head off to Santorini. He told us of a beautiful golden beach called Istro Beach. We checked out as quick as we can, we didn’t want to waste a minute. We then drove such a beautiful route to this beautiful beach. My only regret in Crete was not doing this sooner. The water was crystal Clear and that beautiful Turquoise shade. Unfortunately,  we were only able to stay for an hour before heading to the airport. I know we will make it back to Crete because it was the perfect vacation especially with a baby, but next time I’m making sure I do more research and make it to every beach possible.

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