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Planning Linors First Birthday.

November 18, 2016


I got very excited when planning Linor’s First Birthday Party, partly because I love party planning and also because my little baby is officially One! I knew she wouldn’t remember anything but I still wanted to make it special for her.  So how to plan a first birthday party? This is how I did in three weeks time.

I started off with a theme which was a ‘Fairytale Garden First Birthday.’  Then the Color Scheme- I obviously aimed for a more girly color scheme with different shades of pink. Although I love the idea of having a physical invitation, since we were short on time, I decided to go with a quick e-vite for all my friends and family. I now gathered all my Pinterest inspiration and headed shopping. I went to the Flower Supply Store  in Downtown by the Flower Mart for  some supplies and then did some other shopping via Michaels, Amazon, Home Goods and Marshall. Coming close to the party My mom recommended a Chic Party Boutique that recently opened  in Studio City called Bonjour Fete the owners were so sweet and I was able to buy some last minute party supplies from there.

Garden Balloon Arch

I first saw this garden inspired balloon arch via pinterest and I knew I had to make it! I did lots of research and watched some helpful tutorials- (link tutorialeasier tutorial) The owner of the boutique Bonjour Fete was also sweet and also offered me some quick advice in making this balloon arch. It is actually not that hard to make especially if you have a small team helping you. Anyhow this is not a tutorial but maybe I will include a tutorial in the future since I have so many balloons left over.

Desert Table


img_3251-2img_3256-2img_3257-2img_3260-2img_7743img_3261-2img_3263-2img_3264-2My sister helped a lot in making this desert table. She made Linor’s  beautiful Smash the Cake and the Rice Krispies Treats shaped as ‘1’ and hearts. For those of you who don’t follow her already check out The Little White Plate for some awesome Food inspiration… I made the cupcakes and attempted to make cake pops. Most of the cake pops wouldn’t stay on the stick so I just dipped them in chocolate and put them in cupcake cups. My mom then ordered us a beautiful Macaron stand from, my favorite, Lette Macarons.  

Food and Flowers


My mom cooked and organized all the food. She cooked around 3 different choices of fish, salads, pastas and also ordered some sandwiches, lasagna and more. There was too much food but what can  you expect from an Israeli Mom!  She even added to the desert and brought some more Morrocan traditional sweets which we put on the drink table  because the desert table had no more room. When decorating I knew I wanted there to be a lot of flowers to add to the garden theme. I went to the Flower Market in Downtown, LA  on Friday early morning. Along with my moms help we did the flower displays late Saturday night. Unfortunately after all the hard work we did not get many closeups of the beautiful arrangements but you can see them scattered throughout the images.

Tent Play Area & Entertainment

img_3248-22img_3327-2mg img_3476-2img_3489-2img_3504img_3577 img_3535img_0230Coming closer to the party, I thought it would be so fun to make a chic play area for the babies to play together. For the entertainment, A Puppet Show and Singalong seamed perfect especially since Linor loves music. After researching I came across Happily Ever Laughter  and they were amazing! To go with the theme, I chose a fairy to come and she was able to interact with the different age groups.  As you can tell from the photos everyone really enjoyed.

What to Wear?



I was so busy planning Linor’s first birthday party that I left the big question of what to wear to last minute.  My mom then saved me and found Linor the perfect white lace dress in Nordstrom Rack by Jessica Simpson. The lace fabric and long sleeves was the perfect look for a Fairytale Garden First Birthday party in Fall. Concerned about what I should wear on my way home, I decided to stop by Club Monaco on Beverly Drive. Originally I had myself set on wearing a dress, but when I saw these Flared Floral Pants I was obsessed. I then paired it with this perfect off the shoulder blouse which seemed casual and chic enough for a effortlessly chic look. (For Pants Click Here, For Blouse Click Here


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