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October 27, 2017

This year we decided to celebrate Linor’s Birthday with mine and my husbands family in Israel. I mean, we only decided less then a week before and did I mention that the week was filled with holidays?! So how to plan a second Birthday in literally 1.5 days?! Funny question because I didn’t think it was possible but we did it and it was beautiful!     Day one: My brother in laws wife took me to a huge discount- party store where I found most of what you see below including balloons, plates, cups, sea shells, synthetic flowers, arts and craft supplies, vases and more. Then I went to the hall, which was the recreation room of my parents apartment in Israel. We organized the rectangle tables with plastic table cloth we found in the market and did the same for the kids arts and crafts mini tables. My mother in law and mother where in charge of the food so they took care of that!

The morning of the birthday: We woke up early to set up! I made a quick balloon arch and incorporated a number two balloon, and a DIY flower garland into it. (painted and made the garland on day one with my creative brother in laws wife) For table decor we laid out  leafs, sea shells, pineapples, dragon fruits and more. For the activities we made an kids table filled  with fun arts and crafts activities and Roy also ordered a mini Gymboree which entertained most of the kids!

Most of the bakeries weren’t able to create the cake we wanted because it was too short notice and holiday season so my mother got a Moana photo printed on a sugar sheet and then baked the cake herself and placed the sheet on top! This wasn’t what I first had in mind for the cake but it worked out perfectly because Linor loved the cake and was so happy since she loves Moana!

That is pretty much it! I love party planning so I still wish I had more time to plan it but I think for two days work in a foreign country it came out really cute! Most importantly Linor really had the best time!



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