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January 5, 2017

I am finally excited to announce that I am stepping back into the Design world. Like I said in my previous post that was one of my top goals to accomplish this year. However, there is a twist! This year I have decided to try and collaborate on some limited edition designs with some bloggers and influencers you follow.

One day as I was looking through my Instagram, one hashtag led to next and I found myself looking at some unique style bloggers from all around the world. I realized how many people there are in the world, most of which I probably still haven’t heard of, with their own unique culture and style. I then thought how amazing it can be if I had the opportunity to collaborate and combine cultures and inspiration to design together.

I would love to hear some feedback on this concept! Who are your favorite Fashion influencers? Who’s Closet do you wish you can get your hands on? Who would you wish to see me work with? (Comment below or email me)

I hope this idea can branch out but for now a little more about this look.

The dress I am wearing  is my first collaboration which I partnered up with my best friend @arielladayan. The fabric is a  velvet burnout with an off the shoulder sleeve and a silky back. This is a limited edition style that will soon be available on my shop for  $15o. To preorder this look,  please email me. I paired this look with these statement shoes I bought two years ago from Alexander Wang and ear cuffs I got from Zara. What do you think?


Picture Cred : @Kimberly Tran 



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