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Zehava Harel designs are inspired by an enigmatic elegance that is combined with a modern timelessness.
Zehava Harel’s love affair with fashion began at a young age. Her first fashion icon was her mother, who always took pains to dress well and look her best. It was that behavior that Zehava mimicked as a child, and it became the building block of her own personal style.

This fashion foundation was already firmly in place when Zehava traveled to Israel after graduating from FIDM in Los Angeles in 2012. She was so intrigued by the culture and fashions; that this inspired her first bridal collection for Spring/Summer 2015.
Zehava Harel creates custom bridal and evening gowns. Each design is made specifically for you and custom-fit to your body.
Zehava Harel then continued to grow her label with her first ready to wear collection in Fall of 2015. This collection was inspired by an introductory to her personal style; an Edgy play on Chic. Every Zehava Harel design combines a more modern edginess with a classic elegance. Each style is made with the best craftsmanship and only the finest quality of materials.
Zehava is continuing to grow her label with more collections every season.
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